संPoorna Development of Kids
Building Strong Foundation of Child's Core - Mind, Body, Heart & Soul
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At The Hush Tree, we are creating a Worldwide Community of Young Minds who take a
Transformational journey towards Purposeful Learning.

Foundation of Right Core

Right Habits, Behaviour & Value System


Learning Opportunities & Experiences

Global Kids' Community

Learn, Grow & Inspire each other

About the Hush Tree

The Hush Tree, by alumni of IIMs helps parents develop Life-Changing Habits & behaviours in kids in formative 7-13yrs. We are a beautiful second home to kids where they grow into Smart, Self-Sustainable & Happy Beings.

We take Young Minds on a Transformational Journey towards Holistic Development, building a Strong Foundation of all 4 Core Key Developmental Areas- Mind, Body, Heart & Soul. 

Nurturing the child on the whole !

Partners with UNESCO India '21, Abhinav Bindra Foundation, Waste Warriors & more

Why The Hush Tree !

All of us want a guiding light in our child’s life who can inspire them be disciplined, do right things, work with focus & be responsible for their actions.

Unfortunately our education system is all about brain development & focusses little on Health, Habits & Behaviours, the most most most important things for a child to lead a Happy, Healthy, Successful & Impactful life.

While the family is the primary source to learn these values, The Hush Tree is a parent’s partner giving a global community of Goodness to Kids.

We help raise Mindful Kids

Inculcating Life-Changing Habits


Problem Solving, Financial Literacy, Reading
Creativity, Discipline, Focus, Observation


Mindful Living, Mindful Eating, The Power of Sun


Heart-to-Heart Communication, Goodness
Gratitude, Empathy


Gardening, Emotional Intelligence
Value System, Responsibility, Integrity

Inculcating Essential Virtues

The Hush Academy_Heartsets

Diverse Learnings for Kids in the Journey


Kids Interview Dr. Kiran Bedi

A Heartwarming & Inspiring Interaction

Read Book & Discuss with Authors

Receive. Read. Review. Discuss Books

A Heart to Heart with Abhinav Bindra

Kids learn from the life of leaders

Global Kids Community

An Inspiring Community of Kids 

Feedback & Love by Parents & Kids

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Make your Child a Part of Worldwide Community of Amazing Kids

Want to know more? Talk to us at +91 7017 469 295

A Child’s Transformational Journey to संPoorna Development !
The Hush Tree is children’s 2nd home, building a Strong Foundation of Essential Lifelong Habits & Virtues in them through Beautiful Activities & Experiences, outside gadgets & screens. 

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