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The Twin Fairy

Don’t we all love Fairy Tales? Let’s get into one.

The Treasure Hunt

Don’t we all dream to find The Treasure? Let’s get into this Treasure Hunt!

The Story of Aman

Aman isn’t just lazy but very cruel to animals too. Will he change? If yes, how?

The Mysterious Gate

Little boy breaks the rules to enter the Mysterious gate of mirrors ! What is inside ?

The Little Astronaut

She was to fly to Mars with her mom, how did she go alone. Will she be able to come back?

The Himalayan Girl

The little diligent girl learnt & helped her father have a good livelihood & fulfill all her dreams !

The Haunted House

Three funny yet all the time scared friends gather power to believe that ghosts don’t exist.

The Haunted Dream

Didn’t we all have haunted dreams that seems real? Come let’s see how this one goes.

The Chocolate Land

Don’t we all dream to be in a Chocolate Land? Let’s get into one.


Don’t we all dream to be in a Chocolate Land? Let’s get into one.

Naughty Shifu

Aren’t we all scared of Dogs who bark at random people? Let’s see how everyone started loving this one!


How a little boy enters the scary Minecraft world. Will he be able to find his way out !

Hunting and Living

Will life be easier if all we had to do is Hunting and Living? Let’s see how it would have been.